Arrhythmia / EP

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Cardiac Monitoring

Short-term (24-48 hour) and extended (1-4 week) wearable monitors are able to record abnormal heart rhythms that may be the cause of symptoms such as palpitations, lightheadedness, or fainting.

Implantable Cardiac Monitors

Inserting a tiny implantable heart monitor allows us to diagnose rhythm problems that may occur infrequently. The newest heart monitor is the size of a paperclip and the battery lasts for three years.

Pacemaker / Defibrillator Services

Patients with serious rhythm problems may need implantable cardiac rhythm devices like a pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD). Dr. Tullo is an expert in prescribing and implanting these devices. After your implant, we have a full-service device follow-up program in our office.

Invasive Electrophysiologic Procedures

EP Testing is done as Saint Barnabas Medical Center and involves inserting small wires into a vein to analyze the function of the heart's rhythm system. Sometimes heart rhythms can be cured with a procedure known as Catheter Ablation.


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